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Solid thinking and creativity, this escape room you’ll play remote with your colleagues. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Puzzle remote together

A lot of people work from home these days, but how do you maintain the contact with your colleagues? This online escape room, you can play remote with the help of storytelling, and a combination of Whatsapp and video calling. A game master will be present throughout the game. This company outing is 100% quarantine proof and build for the social distancing society. 

Challenging and fun team building experience
Challenging and fun team building experience
Practice your problem solving skills
Practice your problem solving skills
Practice collaborating digitally
Practice collaborating digitally

Estimated time: 75-90 minutes
Team size: This company outing is suitable for big teams as well as small teams. 
Theme: ‘Escaping Conspiracies’ (Did you take a look at our other online escape room:
Language: This Escape Room is available both in Dutch and English

Escaping Global Warming

You are a group of inhabitants of Weerwaard, a small Dutch village located way below sea level. You have been living in a tight-knit community for a while now, but there’s danger on the horizon. Like every place on earth, Weerwaard will have to face our common enemy: Climate change. Your goal will be to save the village from the effects of global warming. To your surprise, you will encounter a lot of challenges and resistance. According to scientists you have just 10 years time to take the necessary measures to keep society as we know it from falling apart. In this hour, it is up to you to make the right interventions to save Weerwaard from her downfall.


"The digital escape room gave me the feeling that I really was in another physical room with my colleagues. The feeling of home quarantaine was completely gone!"
Emma Meessen
PhD candidate
"I love puzzles! In this escape room you will encounter what you notice what is challenging when working online: keeping together and processing all information digitally is different than when you are together in a physical room. How do you make sure you don't get lost in the jungle of information? We accepted the challenge!"
Hilde Schwantje
"Super fun activity for remote teams. It is a very accessible way to have a 'company outing' in these times!"
Renee Louman
flight operations and
project management

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This Online Escape Room service is discontinued until further notice due to relaxed corona measures. Want to be notify when new bookings or new digital events are possible? Click 'notify me'  below and leave your email address.