From player to creator

With a group of friends every once in a while I play an escape room. Afterwards we always say to each other: “we should create our own escape room!” After the last physical escape room that we have played I started to develop an escape room idea.

Paper becomes digital

Then the corona measures started to take effect. I decided to test the paper version of my escape room with friends and family through skype, at that point I still had in mind to create a physical escape room later on. I got a lot of useful feedback on that first version of the escape room and decided to continue the development of the idea.

Wasn’t I able to digitalise and professionalize this concept further and make this service to companies and help them keep their teams connected and motivated in these special times? I placed a call on Linkedin and before I knew it I had over seven company registrations in my inbox. I improved and digitalised the experience further and got new useful and positive feedback.

The feedback was implemented to optimise the player experience, because of this it is possible that on 30 March the online escape was opened and was booked (and is being booked) by organisations from all industries.

This escape room has been made possible by the feedback of all my friends, family and the first seven companies that tested the escape room. I’m grateful for that: thanks all!

For the readers that decide to book the online escape room: See you soon and in advance I wish you all a fun play experience!


AppRuption is the brand under which I perform my activities as a freelancer. This online escape room is part of my business activities. Reach out to me via email or check out my Linkedin profile to find out more about me.

This Online Escape Room service is discontinued until further notice due to relaxed corona measures. Want to be notify when new bookings or new digital events are possible? Click 'notify me'  below and leave your email address.